The Happiness Builder is a modern way of life and job coaching that fits your lifestyle. No long boring sessions that always take place face to face. 
The Happiness Builder is professional coaching that stands for:

  • Looking towards your future
  • Focus on your talents and your strengths
  • Theoretical models given to you in a practical way
  • Getting deeper insight in your own behavior
  • Ongoing coaching on the moments you need it
  • Using innovate communication tools that you prefer (Whatsapp, Wechat, Face-time, Skype)

So, are you currently low in energy? You don't know what you want in life? Not happy in your job? 
Get in touch and start creating your Happiness right now


Unfortunately more and more people are extremely tired, searching for what they want in life, looking for a purpose and simply not really happy. Not very surprising. Because these day life is very challenging. You have a demanding job, busy family-life, big group of friends, 200 whatsapp talks per day and time consuming hobbies.

Happiness sounds so easy, but in current life it is damn hard. It takes determination and guts to choose your happiness.
Take charge of your own life and get your energy, balance and happiness back! 


Hello, I am Leonieke. 
People are amazing creatures. Everything around us is invented by them. All buildings, all your gadgets and all our organizations. And in the end all challenges in life need to be solved by humans as well. I strongly believe in helping people to improve, so we can improve your life and eventually the world. 

I'm not afraid to connect with you on a personal level, ask difficult questions and confront you with your behaviour. But I'm not just another coach. I'm a qualified behavioural economist, a professional maverick and hobby anthropologist that loves African Culture. All these skills helped me to be successul as a Entrepreneur, Strategic Marketing Manager, Agile Coach and Millennial expert in the past.

As the Happiness Builder I use my knowledge, energy and skills to make an impact in your life to enable you to reinvent yourself.  Hope to meet you soon!